Marine engines: a key technology in continuous innovation

Since the first steamship was invented, sea engines provide motion, reliability and safety to both people and goods. It is an extremely important technological system for the boating world, which over the years has been working to significantly extend the quality of its equipment, in terms of performance and life span.

Proven maritime experience: what to expect from marine products

Leveraging on more than a century of experience in high-power Diesel engines and marine operations, FPT Industrial offers a complete range of fuel-efficient products characterized by high quality, superb features, and broad application versatility, that guarantee maximum performance and efficiency even in the most demanding sailing conditions.

FPT Industrial marine: the Commercial Selection

Expertise and attention to sustainability characterize our line of engines and equipment for the commercial world. The aim is to increase performance - such as propulsion and propeller power - while limiting the emission level thanks also to a perfect aftertreatment. These requirements are met by all our models, from classic to stage V.